The i-calQ application, available on iOS and Android devices, allows for semi-quantitative analysis of immunoassay test strips. The app, coupled with an i-calQ ProReader, captures images of the test strips to be used by i-calQ algorithms to determine results of test strips and analyte concentrations of interest. The app also allows for patient profile building and can utilize other smartphone components such as GPS to better track healthcare data.

The i-calQ ProReader is the latest model of the i-calQ immunoassay test strip readers. The design of the ProReader removes the limitation of the previous generations; the use of any smartphone model. The ProReader allows for precise positioning of the collimating lens to match the camera position on any iOS or Android phone to be used in conjunction with the i-calQ application.

Test Strips

i-calQ test strips are specifically designed to work with the ProReader and smartphone application. The test cassette is designed and manufactured to ensure proper alignment and positioning of the test window when used with the i-calQ ProReader to yield the most accurate and precise measurements possible.