The i-calQ Salivary Cortisol assay is used to determine the amount of Cortisol in human saliva. The assay has been used to accurately and reliably measure the Cortisol in saliva.

  • Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone due to its major role in the stress response. The adrenal glands produce cortisol in the human body and most cells contain cortical receptors to use the hormone in many different ways.
  • This assay is a single-use, disposable immunoassay that is read with a smartphone-based image analysis algorithm. The assay can be used to screen for chronic stress, Cushing Syndrome, and low cortisol.
  • The Cortisol assay utilizes affinity chromatography. Antibodies are developed with a high affinity for particles of Cortisol, these antibodies grab onto the Cortisol . These antibodies adhered to Cortisol produce a visible signal. The intensity of this signal correlates with the amount of Cortisol present in the saliva sample, which is also correlated to the blood concentration of Cortisol.
  • The smartphone camera detects the visual signal described above and quantifies the amount of Cortisol based on the intensity of the signal. The collimating lens provides controlled and magnified illumination, which helps produce the most accurate results. The smartphone application is easy to use and does not require internet connection. Results can be transferred from the smartphone to the computer.

*Wellness product NOT for medical use

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